Kizomba Guide: Maximize your Kizomba journey


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This is a book that will teach you EVERYTHING you NEED to know about Kizomba to maximize your Kizomba journey!

From the founder of The Kizomba Channel Latrell Shaquan, Kizomba Guide: Maximize your Kizomba journey. This book will guide you and teach you those important concepts and lessons you need to know relating to Kizomba dancing.

Are you ready to learn Kizomba but you don’t know where to start?
Do you want to get the most out of your Kizomba classes, workshops and festivals?
Do you want to get in depth knowledge about the Kizomba scene?


What This Kizomba Guide Will Teach You:

This book provides you with easy to understand topics and tips that will help you maximize your Kizomba experience (dancing, learning, networking, traveling, etc.) – FOREVER!

It comes with important information; easy-to-understand guides, tips, and training methods that you need to know!

Are you ready to get the most out of your Kizomba journey?

Then check out this book and start optimizing your Kizomba Experience TODAY!

If you successfully implement the advice in this Kizomba guide, you will…

• Start learning Kizomba dancing easier and faster than you have before
• Gain more confidence when you are dancing
• Understand what the Kizomba scene has to offer
• Learn how to prepare for classes, parties and festivals
• Learn how to deal with fear


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